See your kid’s best smile with Kodomo


The greatest gift of every parent is the kids they bear and cherish. Each parent expects the happiness and joy of their kids and obviously, they smile by looking at the smile of their kids. That is called the infinite love of beloved parents. Hope you are a mother or a father who looks for the cute smile of your kid.

As you all know, the best smile is the combination of cheerful emotions and the bright teeth from good oral health. What better way could you teach your kid to maintain good oral health unless with a branded, high-quality toothpaste that ensures the protection of the tooth’s enamel and prevent the menace of a dental cavity. Unhealthy oral practices have been recorded as the leading cause of oral health problems among both children and adults. “Kodomo” is the best way to get used your kid for better oral habits as it makes brushing teeth a joyful day to day activity.

“Kodomo” always looks for a happy smile of kids. That is why Kodomo partners with Junior Observer to give them an opportunity to show their inherent talent and receiving exciting gifts for the coming New Year.

Kids have to send their beautiful painting under the theme of “The happiest day of their lives” on or before the 18th April with details of their name, age, address, parent’s name and contact number along with an empty pack of any Kodomo toothpaste to UTN Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd, No.520C,Colombo Road, Kaduwela. The Most beautiful 25 paintings will be selected and winning kids will be received a wonderful Kids bike. Hope it will be an awesome gift for beloved kids for this New Year. Indeed, this is a great chance to both kids and parents, who are willing to see the happiness of their children.